Tribute sculpture to the founders of Bautista furniture and decoration

  • Customer: Bautista furniture and decoration
  • Material: Stained stoneware and Benge wood with Oak inlays.
  • Size: 27 x 6 x 6 cm and 160 x 40 x 40 x 40 cm

This piece is a small scale reproduction of the 1.60m high sculpture that was made as a tribute to Mr. and Mrs. Bautista and can be seen in the atrium of their exhibition.

A numbered edition of this small-scale piece was made as a trophy-gift to Bautista mueble y decoración collaborators.

On the Benge wood base there are Oak inlays in the form of approaching lines, which signify the parallel lives of the couple being honoured.

There are also hollows that are a confirmation of the company and a look into the future.

In the upper head, textures are developed that recall the family’s fields of origin.

There are also three cuts in the lower part, which would be the three children.