The workshop

The Hiruki workshop was created in 1990 with the aim of offering services to companies.

Aware that each customer has particular needs, the Hiruki workshop provides crafted bespoke works.

Each order is original in the project and unique in its adaptation to the customer’s requirements.

Whoever has received a Hiruki piece recognises the style and the fantasy.

The process and the artist

I personally take care of the whole process, from the design and creation of the proposals, to the selection of material and to the production and delivery of the pieces.

I also materialize ideas or designs drafted by the client, advise them on the selection of materials and technical details, and also take care of the entire production process.

This way of working guarantees the desired outcome and provides the company with interesting aspects such as “image return”, differentiation and complicity in the process.

Design and image

With the “right” detail, with more or less personalised gifts, a company can consolidate and improve its image.

The original object, in line with the company’s style, denotes a seal of distinction that brings the giver out of anonymity.

Associating the corporate image of the company, present in the signs, colours… to the materials and shapes of an object that is unique in its beauty, made with imagination and rigour.


In my workshop I collaborate with renowned professionals who create sculptural pieces based on my designs. I have worked with the painter Fernando Mirantes, the designer José Mari Sánchez and the architect Fernando Trueba. I have also created sculptures in various materials, used by institutions and companies for prizes or gifts and created various murals and free-standing sculptures, commemorating special events.

Jesús Pastor

I have been working in the world of arts and crafts since 1978. After several exhibitions and awards, I joined the FFIJ Team. In 1990 I founded the Hiruki workshop with Idoia Mauraza.

Contact with us

695 78 53 69


Taller Hiruki, Avda. Zuberoa 50 – Bajo derecha.
Bilbao (Bizkaia) 48012

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